The Case of Denmark

Throughout the world, governments are facing the same challenge: how can we provide increasingly sophisticated healthcare to a population that lives longer, suffers from an increasing number of chronic illnesses, and expects easy access to treatment? In Denmark, we have increased public satisfaction with healthcare services and improved productivity and quality in the sector, while successfully keeping healthcare expenditures in check.

How did we accomplish this? Most importantly, we place the patient at the centre of attention and design our healthcare sector to support this idea. We combine sophisticated technology and transmission of data with a strong focus on skills and coherent processes. We prioritise design and quality and innovate by involving users and public-private cooperation. Combined, these trademarks lead to cost-efficient care and solutions that are practically applicable.

In short, our success is the result of a well-functioning public sector supported by innovative companies that provide the technologies, products, and expertise which make it possible. We are not perfect, but we have come far and push forward to tackle modern healthcare challenges intelligently.

Danish healthcare innovation is not exclusive for the Danes: many years of global presence show that our healthcare products and solutions create value internationally. Danish ideas and products are used every day in ambulances, medical clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes across the world.

We hope to inspire you and would like to invite you to Denmark to learn more about the Danish healthcare system.


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