Digital health

The expansion of e-health in Denmark is based on public-private cooperation between the government, the regions, the municipalities, and the industry. This has brought innovation and implementation to a level where nearly all basic information from the various healthcare sectors has been digitalized and made shareable.

Digitalization of Danish healthcare has reached a level where all Danish citizens now have access to their own Electronic Health Record, and so have all doctors.

The new Digital Health Strategy 2018-2022 is a paradigm shift, which establishes a strong digital relation with the patient and support Patient Reported Outcomes, integrated care and prevention initiatives. This strategy is the most extensive and comprehensive Danish healthcare-IT strategy ever. It exploits the strength of the existing IT-infrastructure (the National Service Platform) and takes it to the next level by providing access to healthcare information through tablets and smart phones. This extended use of electronic data relies on a higher level of data security but also on keeping the confidence and trust in how authorities make use of healthcare data. This confidence is especially high among Danish citizens.

The strategy also includes an increased focus on assisted living technology to help elderly people stay healthy in their own homes and increase their quality of life.