Primary care

One of the most significant features of the Danish healthcare model is the unique organization of primary care. In Denmark, all citizens have access to a primary care physician of their own choice and the doctor acts as the gateway to all healthcare services.

The organization of the Danish primary care actively contributes to ensuring citizen-centric healthcare services of the highest quality to all citizens. Initiatives to transform and modernize the Danish healthcare system include new primary care services such as local healthcare centres and rehabilitation services, which will be provided by Danish municipalities in close cooperation with GPs.

Several Danish municipalities have already established local healthcare centres. In Aalborg Municipality in North Denmark Region, a healthcare center has been established to provide support and guidance for citizens with chronic diseases such as type 2-diabetes, COPD, cancer, or heart disease. The healthcare center also offers preventive initiatives including physical activities, dietary guidelines, and smoking cessation to motivate citizens to stay healthy and prevent diseases. These offers are free of charge for all citizens in Aalborg Municipality.