Hospitals of the future

Denmark is in the process of building 16 new highly specialized hospitals that are all constructed as hospitals of the future, taking into account the changing role of hospitals in our future healthcare system.

As more Danish healthcare services are delivered through primary care, the future role of hospitals is changing. Therefore, the process of modernizing Denmark’s future hospital capacity has a focus on continued specialization and flexibility.

The new hospital landscape reflects the increase in outpatient treatment, which reduces the need for hospital beds. A 50% increase in outpatient treatment is expected to result in a 20% decrease of bed days, but with the combination of new Danish initiatives, the actual outpatient/inpatient ratio is changing at a higher rate than expected. Persistent efforts to streamline and optimize procedures and improve treatment quality in Danish hospitals have shortened the length of stays and reduced the number of readmissions. This enables patients to return home to well-known surroundings quicker, and it ensures a more efficient use of resources in the healthcare sector.

Modernizing Denmark’s hospital capacity enables dissemination of the latest knowledge, technology, and best practices throughout the country. Increasing digitalization ensures efficient operation of core services in hospitals, with new work methods, technologies, and organization. This frees up resources for treatment and care, while also providing better health and safety conditions for staff.

At the Aarhus University Hospital in Central Denmark Region, a unique hospital logistics solution enables optimization of coordination and real-time localization of people and equipment right down to room level. This system has a standardized RTLS infrastructure supplied by Lyngsoe Systems and apps supplied by the company Systematic enabling in-app search for equipment, bed management, trolley management, and transport logistics optimization between the region's hospital units.

Watch video about the Danish approach to innovative hospital solutions.