The future

These years, Denmark is investing more than €5.6 billion in 16 new hospital projects. These include new greenfield projects as well as expansion of existing capacity. In total, the projects will modernize one-third of the current Danish hospital capacity. The goal is to ensure nationwide access to modern health services and to raise quality levels in the entire Danish healthcare sector.

The process of modernizing Denmark’s future hospital capacity has a focus on continued specialization and flexibility. The goal is to ensure flexible functions and capacity, which can be changed, expanded, or reduced depending on future demand for treatment and care. Therefore, 20 % of the costs have been earmarked for procurement and development, and realization of new equipment and new technologies for ongoing implementation.

Modernizing Denmark’s hospital capacity enables dissemination of the newest knowledge, technology, and best practices throughout the country. Increasing digitalization ensures efficient operation of core services in hospitals, with new work methods, technologies, and organization. This frees up resources for treatment and care, while also providing better health and safety conditions for personnel.