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3PART is a multidisciplinary design company with more than 25 years of experience in award winning designs for the healthcare, rehab and medical sectors. Our approach is user oriented and our aim is to create value for our customers.

With over 400 products of which 40 have been patented and more than 35 design awards, we consider ourselves experts in developing care and medical devices.  

Akva Care

Akva Care delivers documented pressure and pain-relieving products, which can be used to prevent and treat pressure sores. For more than 35 years Akva Care has used the physical properties of water in order to develop the best and most comfortable solutions for people who are either bedridden or confined to a wheelchair.


Applikator's focus is to develop software solutions for the healthcare sector. Our solutions provide a better way of living for the people who are in need of health care services, a more efficient workflow and work environment, and an increase in quality and decrease in cost. Instead of just applying new technology to an outdated way of doing things Applikator creates innovative, user-centered and user-friendly solutions that target the needs of the people and institutions of the healthcare sector.


Arcubal sells equipment for rehabilitation and training. Our goal is to make training fun and motivating for the users. We want the users of our products to feel challenged no matter at what physical level there are. At the same time we want to turn training into a fun game, so the users forget that they are in a training situation.

Audientes Aps

Audientes' hearing aid solution targets the around 300 million people in the world that have a disabling hearing loss but do not have access to audiologists and cannot afford existing hearing aids. Their hearing loss often keep them away from a job and hence an income but it also isolates them from their family and friends. Audientes' goal is to provide a solution for these people with a medically approved device that can be sold in e.g. pharmacies and where the user with little or no help can set-up the device to fit the needs of the user.

AudioCura ApS

AudioCura is focused on the use of music in the treatment and care of patients in healthcare. To make music intervention practically applicable, AudioCura has developed – and continues to develop – a range of products that fit into the workflow and hygiene in healthcare and that provide a suitable way to apply music as a therapy. We strive towards making the hospital stay more pleasant for the patients by reducing stress, pain and anxiety – with evidence based music intervention

Auditdata A/S

Auditdata is THE Audiology Software company, providing everything from simple off the shelf audiology systems to complex, custom, enterprise level systems.  We empower audiology organisations to meet the future of hearing care by delivering intelligent digital solutions today. We believe that we are the best partner for audiology organisations, creating unique and complete solutions that cover the needs of business now and into the future.  We adhere to our original mission: to make the complicated easy. Our objective is to develop and support high-quality audiology solutions that bring value to our customers and provide them with the data to facilitate complete strategic vision.

BandCizer ApS

The main purpose of a BandCizer solution is to offer a technology that helps and assists participants in rehabilitation programs. A BandCizer solution offers flexible rehabilitation and enables participants to do exercises at home or at work with nearly the same quality feedback from the system, as real therapists would provide. The BandCizer solution simply consist of a sensor, paired with an iPhone, iPad or PC. The solution motivates and reminds the user to do the exercises through live bio-feedback and push-notifications, combined with statistics that visualize progress and effect, throughout the training course.

Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics is a leading provider of emerging robotic solutions- and services and it is our vision to improve your quality of life, working environments and productivity. We create and commercialize robots - for humans. Our solutions improve the way you live your life.

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S

BPI is a competent sparring partner, who can maintain a close and productive cooperation with the individual customer in order to develop custom solutions. We are the leading supplier of advanced customized foam solutions. Our mission is to inspire and participate in developing, designing and producing advanced customized solutions in foam and rubber materials.

Care4life Technology

Care4life offers a PEMF treatment device for people with diagnoses such as arthritis, depression, psoriasis and supports athletes for the best possible performance. Care4life ensures cell optimization and facilitates the body's self-healing powers, through an increased blood flow and cell metabolism.


At Cortrium we believe we can spark the digitalization of healthcare. We are well positioned to benefit from the trend and can quickly be ready to meet the coming demand for open and inexpensive healthcare solutions. We have developed a full end-to-end solution including hardware sensor, apps, cloud service, and web based frontend. The solution enables healthcare professionals, patients and individuals to get a complete overview of health status based on real, quantifiable vital sign measurements.


We create products, services and experiences for international clients in the healthcare industry.

Designit is one of the world’s leading design and innovation firms with +550 designers working out of 18 studios across the world. Desingit’s expertise supports the design and development of medical devices, pharmaceutical brands, rehab equipment, diagnostics, dental equipment and healthcare services for customers worldwide. Developing across the entire customer experience, Designit’s interdisciplinary teams create compelling products, services and experiences. Their goal is to create strong and sustainable business value through strategy and design and to help ambitious companies make innovation happen.

DigiCorpus ApS

DigiCorpus develops digital aids, which increases quality of training and rehabilitation in Rehabilitation Activity Centre The patients' own home. This will free up human resources to be allocated with greater needs and DigiCorpus hereby creates value for patients. Our solutions are known under the designations virtual training and virtual computer-assisted rehabilitation. Citizens can be offered flexible rehabilitation which will enable them to maintain their daily routines. Citizens and patients in sparsely populated areas, where transportation costs are relatively high, will have the opportunity to perform qualified training in their own home using DigiCorpus Home trainer with physiotherapeutic feedback and self-monitoring. 


DigiRehab A/S

DigiRehab is innovative welfare technology for every day rehabilitation of elderly citizens. Our digital training- and analysis tool provides training programmes specifically designed to increase the physical strength of elderly citizens and thereby decrease the need for home care. With DigiRehab's tools it is also possible to monitor the effect of the rehabilitation efforts both for the individual citizen and within the municipality in general.

DoseSystem ApS

DoseSystem reminds citizens when to take their medicine. This enables them better to manage on their own. Relatives can feel secure. The nursing staff at assisted living facilities, in the home care and at nursing homes ensures medicine on time and saves resources. Without lowering the quality of the service or the quality of the lives of the citizens.

eye-D Innovation

We provide front-end innovation, design and engineering of medical devices, equipment and packaging, delivering real value - on time. Through our game changing strategy, we bring positive change to people and change our clients’ businesses for the better.


Falck Danmark A/S

Falck is one of the largest private providers of emergency medical services (including clinics), safety training etc.

Falck is a Danish based company with business activities in 36 countries. Falck provides emergency medical services in 22 countries on government contracts, business to business and business to consumer basis. In addition to this Falck provides a wide range of other services such as preventive healthcare services and medical examination and treatment at clinics. The company’s main services in healthcare are: Emergency Medical Services (including HEMS), Patient Transportation, Medical Clinics and Doctors On-Call, Occupational Health, International Medical Assistance (travel care), and Health Care Temp Services.

FNP Hjælpemidler

At FNP Hjælpemidler, we have made it our goal is to improve quality of life for our customers by providing the right equipment for their condition. We focus on offering good quality accessibility and mobility aids, while staying competitive by providing great customer service and low prices.

Forenede Care

Forenede Care’s core values are Care, Kindness and Service. We value empathy for each individual and the relatives.

Forenede Care is a Danish healthcare provider offering services to the public and the private sector as well as directly to the citizens. Forenede Care provides a number of retirement homes and care to elderly in their own homes. Furthermore, Forenede Care runs a private hospital, PrivatHospitalet Danmark, just outside Copenhagen city center. “Care to the world – Service to the people” – Forenede Care is part of the Forenede group, a family owned group of companies within health care and facility management founded in 1959.





GDV Technology

GDV Technology operates within healthcare and health technology. Our solution is innovative, easy to use and cost effective.

Goloo ApS

Goloo's disposable bedpans and urinals are designed to make the toilet experience more respectful for staff and patients. Goloo products are made from disposable, soft and durable plastic (CO2 positive). Goloo's bedpans and urinals provide a comfortable, discrete and hygienic alternative to the traditional bedpans and urinals. All products contain an odour-retardant pad that absorbs and converts up to 600 ml. fluid into gel. The products are easy to store and handle, before, under and after use. GRAB - USE – DISPOSE

Henro-Tek ApS

Henro-Tek was founded in 1983 by Robert Frænell. The company develops and manufactures articles in thermoplastic for the health sector. The products include cups and cutlery for disabled people or people with reduced strength and drainbagholders for hospitals. All products are made in Denmark. All products are CE marked and household dishwashersafe. The products are mainly distributed through professional wholesalers in Denmark as well as abroad. The company might not be the biggest, but an efficient and effective organization secures a fast and accurate handling of all orders.

HMN a/s

At HMN we have a innovative user minded approach to ease the everyday live of helpers and users. We believe our products contribute to a better care for everyone in terms of toileting, showering and patient handling.

The widest range of Shower-/Commode Chairs & Shower Stools in the world for care institutions, hospitals and private persons. Our services create increased safety, reduced total cost and satisfied helpers & users. Experience also our wide range of accessories which allows us to meet almost every need.


ICURA ApS develops welfare technological training solutions. Our platforms motivate patients, improves the quality of home training and optimizes and qualifies the course of treatment for the benefit of both patients and therapists. Our products are user friendly and works across platforms. The products share a common technological basis and can therefore be combined so the overall solution is precisely adapted to context in which you wish to use them. ICURA ApS was founded in 2011. The ICURA team consists of engineers, interaction designers and software developers. The ICURA office is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Idify makes it possible to help individuals living with dementia and other cognitive challenges to better quality of everyday life, and help to live life on their own terms as long as possible. Idify is based on extensive national and international scientific experience and evidence, including the theories of Tom Kitwood and the Marte Meo methods. Dementia scientists, leaders in dementia practice and medical doctors contribute in different ways to Idify's development. Idify gives quick and easy acces in daily care to the knowledge and insight the staff need to create an equal and dignified care situation.

Inimove ApS

Inimove has a positive effect in the rehabilitation at home and has been tested and developed in collaboration with the users, the occupational, and physiotherapists. We aim at providing users with the best possible mobile training solution and to improve their ability to carry out everyday activities through fun and motivating training. Training with Inimove improve fine motor skills, coordination and concentration, and trains muscles. The unpredictable movements makes the training fun, challenging and motivating.

J.K. Medico Electronics

Over 30 years of experience within the industry of efficiency electronics.

Jøhl Human Care

Since 1978, Jøhl Human Care has been working with lifting and transferring.

Life-Partners A/S

Life-Partners was founded in 2009, with a goal to create unique software solutions that would fulfull the various needs for oversight, planning and communication between patients, relatives and caregivers. We create value, comfort, presence and give the citizen influence through a simple and user friendly communication- and planning platform. This platform is the foundation for the individual user adjusted solutions for the areas dementia, care/comfort, nutrition, handicap and psychiatry.

Liftup A/S

Liftup designs and develops welfare technology aids based on our values of dignity, safety and equal opportunity for all. We don’t make machines, we offer welfare aids that safeguard the dignity of their users.

The FlexStep stairlift is designed to function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift. The FlexStep is flexible, space-saving and equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike.

Raizer is a simple battery-operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position. Raizer can with ease be operated by only one assistant and does not require physical effort.

Liva Healthcare A/S

Liva Healthcare is a health tech company headquartered in Copenhagen and London. Liva provides a scalable digital health coaching programme for people living with chronic conditions and lifestyle-related challenges such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Through the programme, patients have access to a personal health coach who provides professional guidance, support and empathy through video and text to build long-lasting behaviour changes. Participants can track their progress real-time and engage with a support group of peers to keep the motivation. The programme is used by public healthcare, pharma and insurance companies to drive patient engagement, clinical outcomes and healthcare delivery efficiency with real-time data insight.

LivetSomSenior ApS

We offer a broad range of products for assisted daily living which makes our customers life easier. Our products are available for everyone to purchase, so we are working closely with governmental institutions, companies and end-users. The objective is to make our products easy accessible, so everything can be ordered directly through our website. We offer day to day delivery directly from our own warehouse. The company was founded in 2014 with the intention of making aid equipment available to everyone, mainly through online sales.

Medema A/S

We deliver and produce quality aids and services for the health sector, the disabled and the elderly. We adapt our service to the customer’s needs. We have our own development and production which creates possibilities for the users to participate in society. We focus on attractive design and functionality rooted in an innovative Scandinavian environment.

Miiskin ApS

Miiskin is an app and platform to help the user monitor their moles and skin over time. Comparing photos is essential for catching a change on your skin and our new AI augmented photo-compare feature makes this even simpler. For private hospitals and clinics we offer a option to extend the patient-doctor relationship by helping people at high risk with the best solution for follow-up and self-monitoring with photos in their home in between doctor visits.

Mitii Development A/S

We make it economically realistic and practically possible to deliver on research recommendations to achieve: Increased brain-body interaction (agency), improved ability to learn new skills and self confidence.

By combining cognitive assignments with physical movements to answer tasks shown on a TV screen, using a computer and 3D webcam we make it possible to create new networks in the brain. The user may train at home 30 minutes daily for 14 weeks - resulting in better communication between body and brain, lifting the level from where we learn new tasks and improve our abilities.

MusiCure in healthcare

Development and production of original music for treatment, based on research since 1998. MusiCure has since 2003 been sold exclusively at pharmacies, due to published scientific documentation. MusiCure has established its own streaming service: www.musicurestream.com offering 36 hours of original evidence-based contents. The portfolio also includes the MusiCure Pillow, which is CE approved and registered as a Class 1 medical device, used in many areas of the healthcare sector. The benefits of MusiCure are described in numerous scientific articles, where the results include physiological measurements showing a reduction of stress hormone (cortisol), increased sense of well-being and relaxation in patients.

OSAA Innovation ApS

90% of all patients (worldwide) who are hospitalized receive IV treatment of some kind. We have interviewed over 200 nurses and doctors who describe IV poles as big, bulky, heavy, impractical and not always available on the wards. We are developing

PaciniMedico ApS
PaciniMedico facilitate a people centric, pleasant, effective clinic and home treatment, even at very large scale.
Patient Innovation

Patient Innovation (patient-innovation.com) is an online platform created with the aim of promoting the sharing of innovative solutions developed by patients, caregivers and collaborators to face the challenges imposed by a disease or health-related condition. If not shared, these solutions would probably remain unknown to many patients, not fulfilling their potential to change the lives of others.

The Patient Innovation platform has gathered a portfolio of over 1200 innovations and is accessed by more than 120.000 users worldwide, which translates to over 1 million visitors each year.

Pressalit A/S

Functional design in solutions that matter

Being independent, self-reliant and not feeling limited in your daily surroundings is fundamental for living your life. This philosophy is one of the guiding principles for Pressalit in the development of flexible and adjustable kitchen and bathroom solutions for people with physical disabilities. The objective is through high quality and functional design to create better conditions for people living with special needs but also to ensure better working environment for carers and relatives. Based on expert knowledge and vast know-how, all Pressalit products are without compromise designed to make a difference in people’s lives.


Ropox A/S

Ropox offers flexible solutions, which can compensate for reduced ability. The products are ergonomic and stable, and provide security and extra support. We are proud of our objectives, which are:

• To make a person with disabilities more independent and thus create a better everyday life including greater self-esteem.

• To make the investment in the product economically attractive, both in terms of savings space (fewer square meters) and fewer care resources.

• The nursing staff will have a better working day and fewer sick days. We seek to comply this in everything we work with and develop.

Scan How

We are an education center for people with autism and ADHD. We have combined educational theory and practice with new technology in the application “Scan How”. With the app, it is possible to create visual workflows and generate a QR-code. People with special needs can scan the QR-code and get a visual workflow where it is needed.

Scan How is a charitable and non-profit organization which seeks to maximize the benefits for children, young and adults with special needs. When we run a financial profit we use it for further development.


Senior 24 offers a broad variety of products in the 'assisted daily living' category. Our customers are private customers, institutions and companys. We deliver directly to end-user within 1-2 working days. Feel free to visit our online shop for more detailed info.

Silentia ApS

Silentia is a patented screening system that was developed to create a more pleasant environment for both patients and staff in hospitals, other care facilities and private clinics.

Standard Systemer ApS

Since 1962, Standard Systemer has been a major supplier to the healthcare sector in Denmark. We have a thorough knowledge of all nursing and patient care area. In 2015 new owners acquired Standard Systemer. All continues as before, but will undergo a renewal process, and the world around us will see development of the company and its profile. Standard Systemer has dealers in Sweden, Norway, Benelux, Germany, Great Britain and Austria. We are an internationally oriented organization with great spaciousness and high awareness of our social profile. Our head office with production, storage, development and showroom is in Copenhagen.

Tunstall A/S

Tunstall A/S, being part of Tunstall Group, is a supplier of solutions and devices that helps citizens across the world gain security at the comfort of their own homes. Both from enabling people to monitor their own health status through the medical device-certified MyMedic hub, which connects monitoring devices, and through the Careline and Lifeline product lines, which let users contact home care and nursing professionals via well-proven durable equipment.

V. Guldmann A/S

Guldmann is a Danish based company that works with the development, manufacture, and sales of welfare technology. 

We strive to provide safe, comfortable and efficient solutions to improve the working environment in the healthcare sector where people need to be lifted, moved and positioned as well as mobilized and rehabilitated.

The Guldmann range of products comprises of ceiling hoists, mobile lifters, slings and lifting accessories-

Our products are designed to be combined, varied and used in a wide range of different ways, enabling us to provide you with a complete solution designed to match your current needs.

VELA - Vermund Larsen A/S

Danish design and experience since 1935

VELA - Vermund Larsen A/S is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by manufacturer Vermund Larsen. VELA has been designing chairs and equipment for the healthcare industry since the 1950s and personal aid chairs for care and rehabilitation since the 1970s and has built up solid experience over the years.

Vendlet ApS

Vendlet is the creator behind the world’s only fully mechanic patient turning system; The VENDLET.

Originally developed in the late 1970’s, the system provides significant benefits for employee’s work health and safety by reducing injuries from strain to the back, neck, arms and shoulders from moving and handling clients during bedside care. VENDLET also provides a gentler care for clients by reducing pressure ulcers and pain from being turned, and by facilitating some client’s independence by letting them turn themselves.

Vendlet also offers pressure relieving positioning cushions, mattresses, and other aids. All our solutions are developed by healthcare professionals and supported by clinical studies.


Visikon exists in the intersection between creative audio-visual communication, technology, clinical health care, professional knowledge and scientific research. The result is innovative solutions with the potential to revolutionise the way patients meet hospitals – and hospitals meet patients.


Wellfaster™, a market leading company within e- & mHealth technologies with +10 years of experience serving public and private healthcare providers. We offer our fully clinical proved and efficient rehabilitation training solution: Virtual Training®.

Our solution is implemented in various Scandinavian countries, supporting health providers in their transformation reshaping their traditional business models towards a more digital world with a customer centric solution, where data is the key resource.

Wellfaster™ always strive to develop unique solutions that make a genuine difference by creating both economical and human added value to our customers, end users and the society.


Wolturnus A/S is a 100% Danish, privately-owned company. Since 2002, we have developed, manufactured and sold wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs and handbikes in Denmark and abroad. The Wolturnus design team comprises specialists from the cycling industry and wheelchair users who have competed in elite sports at world-class level for many years. All wheelchairs and handbikes are handmade in Denmark. Wolturnus wheelchairs and handbikes are renowned for their durability, stability and for a good and healthful seated position. The geometry of a wheelchair is key to the way it handles. We design frame that minimise rolling and turning resistance and maximises stability.


We are a Danish company which develops, sells and rents medical assistance products for the Health sector. We urge to make an impactful difference in the lives of people suffering from ADHD, anxiety & dementia with our innovative stimulating SENSE products which consists of high quality, high weight chain-blankets, and other products delivering relief and increased quality of life for both patients and next of kin.

We also offer anti decubitus matrasses with the PRESSURE line, for a wide range of patients at both Denmarks public National Hospitals and private institutions. Our mattress technology automatically ensures that the patient does not develop bedsores - no matter the duration of hospitalization.