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Intelligent Systems are experts in software development for automated logistics solutions.

Intelligent Systems has developed a number of intelligent and automated logistics solutions for the hospital sector. The solutions contribute high value in terms of quality assurance and efficiency improvements and address the manual logistics tasks in the hospital.

Since 2010, Intelligent Systems has worked systematically and targeted innovation in partnerships with hospitals and health professionals about intelligent automated solutions to hospitals. The solutions are built to enclose the ever increasing demands of hospitals for safety, hygiene, traceability and robustness, without compromising user-friendliness and efficiency.

What we offer

Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL)

Intelligent Sample Handling and Sorting

The Intelligent Sterile Processing Department – Automation of Packing and Inspection (DISAPI)

Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL)
Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL) is a revolutionary intelligent storage and logistics system for new and existing hospitals – a system where clothing, food, medicine, instruments, equipment and much more comes out of the walls exactly where and when caregivers need it.

It is said to be one of the most promising and pioneering projects in hospital logistics for many years and is recommended in one of the 10 benchmarks set by Danish Regions for the future hospital buildings.

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Intelligent Sample Handling and Sorting
- Better efficiency and increased capacity through automation of manual processes
- Higher quality and decrease in errors throgh traceability and monitoring
- Improved work environment through automation of repetitive work

The solution consists of:
- An Intelligent Transport Box which monitors the temperature during transport
- A robotic system that automates the arrival, unpacking, registration and sorting of samples
- An intelligent traceability and management system to ensure traceability and monitoring and makes the collected information available

The solution is modular and has a high degree of flexibility so it can be adapted to each laboratory’s needs – both in terms of functionality and capacity.

The Intelligent Sterile Processing Department – Automation of Packing and Inspection (DISAPI)
DISAPI is visionary solution for automating the core function of sterile processing departments – packing and inspecting instruments.

The solution is based on a combination of known and proven technologies and cutting edge technologies, within RFID-based traceability, vision technology and robotics, that have not previously been brought into play in sterile processing departments.

In addition the solution ensures full traceability of the instruments throughout sterile processing department.
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