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Helsingør Psychiatric Hospital, Helsingør (DK)

Accessibility, security and human psyche were focus areas when BIG designed the Psychiatric Hospital in Helsingør, completed in 2006. In our design research, we not only made intensive analysis of the program and user needs, we also interviewed the daily users of the clinic. The different input from the interviews pointed out several paradoxes and ambiguities that we brought into the project by transforming them into conflicting qualities of the program - to be AND not to be a psychiatric hospital. A psychiatric hospital requires a clear, centralized functionality. At the same time it needs to look and feel like anything but a hospital. The snowflake structure lets all departments radiate in separate directions from a central node, leaving informal spaces within and around them. The 6,000 m2 was conceived for a budget of €10.3 mill.

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Predective Mod
Predictive modelleing, Colorectal Cancer

This case study describes the use of the DDW to support discovery of potential chemical biomarkers for colorectal cancer.

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Life Manager
Life-Manager at nursing home Rise Parken in Aabenraa, Denmark

The Danish nursing home, Rise Parken in Aabenraa, has, with great succes, implemented the Life-Manager platform in all residential dwellings. By replacing the physical resident book in paper form with a digitized tablet version, both employees and residents have got a much more effective and common communication platform, where they can interact and share important information many times a day. This has led to increased intimacy and involvment of the residents' families.

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Solgaven retirement home

CAREZONE has enabled the residents to visit each other more easily. For example, could a male residents easier visit his demented wife in the department next door. The bracelet gave him hands free access to the doors. The staff saved time not to accompany him. The staff saves daily time on the automatic door opening and they can easily get through with food and laundry.

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Kroatian Minister Of Health
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Ministerial delegation visit from Croatia

"I am pleased with everything I have seen and with the hospitality extended to me and my colleagues during our stay in Denmark. We are grateful to the Healthcare DENMARK team for being wonderful hosts to us and for the excellent organization of our visit."

- Dario Nakić, Croatian Minister of Health

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