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International gateway to healthcare and life science

Healthcare DENMARK is the international gateway to Danish healthcare and life science expertise and innovation. We organize delegation visitor programs for foreign decision-makers and press delegations with an exclusive opportunity to experience innovative Danish solutions in practice.

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Personalized Patient Support
Personalized support solutions, developed with the patient in the centre and through strong public-private partnerships, result in innovative solutions that benefit both patients and society. With our Triple-I papers (Denmark Informs, Inspires, Invites), we invite you to join the discussion of tomorrow’s health solutions.
The Case of Denmark

All over the world, populations live longer, and contemporary lifestyle leads to more patients with chronic diseases. This results in a higher demand and budget pressure for the healthcare system. Denmark has made good progress in transforming the healthcare system in order to meet these challenges.

Denmark – a digital health future, today
Denmark is already known as a leading e-health country. With the new digital health strategy, Denmark is now taking even more ambitious initiatives to involve our clinical professionals and patients in the digital health system of the future.
Danish life science
The life science industry is one of the most important sectors in the Danish economy.

Recognized internationally for innovative products and services, the success of the life science industry has enabled Denmark’s strong life science cluster, which involves companies, public healthcare authorities and universities in unique partnerships that strengthen growth, research, innovation, and talent attraction.
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HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark is patron for Healthcare DENMARK.

Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark helps increase worldwide knowledge of Danish healthcare, life science expertise and innovation.

Watch HRH The Crown Princess comment on Danish strongholds in healthcare and Healthcare DENMARK.

Photo by Franne Voigt