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At Chromaviso, we have an ambition to lift the standard for lighting in the health sector. By creating optimal and health-promoting light, we are at the forefront of the market and are making a major difference to patients and staff. Chromaviso is leading in ergonomic lighting solutions in the health sector.

Our solutions are based on deep insight in user needs, expertise in light and intelligent management, and technical skills to deliver a quality product that works - also in the future.

Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital
Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital is Denmark's largest Chromaviso Circadian Lighting installation It is an installation, where the light supports the body's natural circadian rhythm and also ensures the proper lighting for various activities. Users of Ergonomic Circadian Rhythm Light points to factors such as: improved well-being, less fatigue, better sleep, staff sleep better after a night shift and feel more rested when they wake up.

Karlstad Hospital
As the first hospital in Scandinavia the new operation, building in Karlstad, Sweden, have chosen a complete lighting solution – from operation room to recovery and intensive care. The installation focuses on creating a better working environment, through the right lighting, and making even better surroundings for the patients. The staff are very satisfied with Ergonomic Lighting. ”The light is very pleasant to work in, and I have no reflections on the monitors. When we move around during surgery, all we do is to change the light setting and the light follows. It’s great,” explains Chief Physician Marina Sorensson

Albertshøj Care Facility
In Albertslund they hope that circadian lighting may be part of the solution to ensure good elderly care. That’s why Albertslund Municipality together with researchers and lighting experts have initiated a project to document the effects of this welfare technology. The project is called Lightel and is supported by ELFORSK. Circadian lighting is installed at the Plejecentret Albertshøj care facility. “Elderly residents are moving into the care facility with some type of circadian rhythm disorder. This means that they do not sleep well and may feel tired during the day. This may impair their quality of life,” explains Mona Funch

Dementia Centrum Aarhus
Dementia Centrum Aarhus actively work with stimulation in a new combination of light, sound and images to calm outward-responsive dementia citizens. Results of an analysis made by the personal of the use of the new therapy room shows that the tailored stimulation help the residents to calm down, reduces walking around and enhances presence and joy. The analysis and results is on our website. Feel free to visit!

Nursing Home Sønderskovhus
In connection with the renovation of the assisted living facilities of the nursing home Lokalcenter Sønderskovhus, a total of 12 assisted living facilities, dining room, living room and several activity rooms have been equipped with Ergonomic Circadian Lighting. The light can calm down the restless ”I was with a resident who was very upset. I turned her away from the window and the light from outside, and turned on the Cosy light instead. She immediately calmed down”, says social and health care assistant Bjørk Dãnjalsdottier, who also feels the effect of the light on her own body.

Scan and description room in Esbjerg Hospital
Esbjerg Hospital has – as the first hospital in Scandinavia – a completely new type of scanner. It completes a total body scan by new, lower dosage of X-rays. To give the patient a good experience, the hospital has installed the Ergonomic Lighting. The colored light creates a relaxing atmosphere and reassures the patient, tell the staff. ”Children find the colored light very cool and in generel does the light have an relaxing effect on our patients, whom are often very nervous before a scan. The coloured light take the clinical out of the process,” explains radiography Dorthe Bruun Vestergaard.

Aarhus University Hospital
The increase in laparoscopic operations has resulted in an increased focus on the fact that the method can be tough for surgeons who works in front of screens for hours. Therefore, more and more hospitals in Scandinavia are installing Ergonomic Lighting, which reduces fatigue and strained eye, which ultimately improves patient safety and working environment. Surgeon Mikkel Seyer-Hansen, tells about light: “We are in operation many consecutive hours, so the light is very important. I get less tired in the new light and my eyes are less strained. I am very happy about it. It makes a big difference. ”

Therapeutic lighting for swifter recovery
In a new comprehensive research project, Psychiatric Center Copenhagen opts for a novel patient-care approach. With custom-designed light sources that will recreate natural light, researchers hope to be able to bring about a reduction in depression degree, duration of inpatient stay, and, the use of medication. The project’s therapeutic lighting will automatically change within 24 hours – just as the natural light outside. The goal is to recreate the beneficial effects of natural lighting, comprising the balance between subtle morning, bright daylight with many blueish hues, and evening warmth together with the dark of night.
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